About Me

I originally hail from Corrales, New Mexico, that’s right, I am a proud Corraleño, or whatever we call ourselves these days. I moved out to Seattle after college to work at Microsoft, where I lasted for about 2 years before I fell in with a great group of guys that balanced software development with windsurfing, snowboarding, mountainbiking, and climbing. Now 10 years and several jobs, and two kids later, there isn’t so much time to play. But the kids are getting to the age where they can come along — my job is just to keep my knees working until they can!

I have no idea what prompted the urge to blog. A lot of times I have these great ideas, or at least I have these great ideas in dreams, where everything comes together like clockwork, and I always want to write them down. Other times I think I’ve got something incredibly profound to say, but then I forget it. I hope that having a blog is like having a virtual notepad, I can flush my brain out and have it saved off somewhere. Of course the downside of having a blog is that someone is going to read this and think I’m dumb, a plant, or both…
dumb plant

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