I guess this is why you should never confuse ambition with intelligence

I used to think that all people with outsize ambition were very intelligent, and used their intelligence to rise above the rest of us. Even when GWB ‘won’, and when he won for real 4 years later, I just thought it was Satan Dick Cheney being the puppet master. That was before I saw Sarah Palin in action. Go ahead. Watch this, it’s a powerful object lesson that while you can be a mayor and a governor and a mom — a juggling act if there ever has been one– and just because you are photogenically catty and can spin funny pitbull jokes when the teleprompter is rolling, those qualities don’t translate to the raw intelligence needed to be in the #2 slot.

In fact, the more she talks without the backup of a teleprompter, the worse I feel. As much as I hate to admit it, she’s got a decent shot of being one heartbeat away from the presidency. That said I think — and fervently hope — that watching the VP debate is going to be like watching a slow motion train wreck. Hopefully Biden wont let his predilection for talking way too much get in the way of putting Palin out to pasture.

If they win I’m outta here. Canada is looking pretty good right now.

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