Evri Beta goes Open!

A big day here at Evri, as we have taken the password protection off and opened ourselves up to the world. When we started looking at the problem of managing information on the web almost 3 years ago as a tiny research team of 2, our main goal was to make processing information easier for ourselves. We were stuck in an endless loop of keyword search -> sift through results -> alter keyword search -> forget what we were looking for in the first place.

Fast forward to now and Evri is an incredibly talented team who have gone far beyond the initial proof of concept prototypes and have delivered an intuitive and easy to use site that lets you find the content you want to find about the things you care about. Along the way I’ve been exposed to the real problems and solutions inherent in making a real product from a raw prototype, and I’ve got to say it’s been a great ride so far, and with the open beta we have just crossed the starting line…now it’s real!

Instead of writing about what we do, which is best summed up here, I encourage you to visit the site and poke around. If you have a blog, try installing the widget — note that my blog, which is hosted by wordpress, cannot run the widget, but this is a general wordpress problem, and there are known work-arounds that we are investigating. Stay Tuned!

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