More Rails-tarded ness: named resources

I was showing my monitoring app to a co-worker, who wanted to access some of the resources by URLs that contained their names. Hey, that actually makes sense! He wants to refer to resources by their actual names — brilliant. Unfortunately for my lazy ass, this is a departure from the standard rails resource routing conventions, where

map.resources :{controller name}

automagically generates routing like this:

/controller name/:id

I wanted to have both approaches, mainly because I’m lazy and dont want to rework my code that navigates back to these resources by ID. My first attempt at doing this was to put a custom named resource in front of my default map.resources statement:

map.named_monitor_instances ‘monitor_instances/:name’, :controller=>’monitor_instances’, :action=>’show_named_monitors’

this resulted in me getting a ‘missing template for show_named_monitors’ message, which was fine. I didn’t want to render the same view in another erb file.

The best solution I’ve found for having it both ways is by realizing that the default route :id parameter is just a parameter, and can contain a name as well as a number. Other named routes can be quite specific about what they contain, but the default route is pretty forgiving. I modified the controller code to look like this:

@monitor_instance = MonitorInstance.find(params[:id])

@monitor_instance = MonitorInstance.find_by_name(params[:id])

to catch the instance where the find_by_id(‘foo’) fails and try to find foo by name. Graceful? No. Elegant? Not really. I’m sure this level of rails-tardedness will get me flamed by Rails Zealots who think I’ve gone and dicked up a perfectly elegant solution. But is it easy? Hell to the Yeah it is.

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