Garmin Developer Site — Arrgghh

I’ve been trying (after work, after the wife and kids go to bed, and before I collapse) to make some progress on my GPS site, and ran into a really strange problem running the demos, detailed here. There doesn’t seem to be a workaround, but one of the posts pointed me to the Communicator Plugin Test Page. While the Plugin API was pretty slick, it’s giving me no love, and I’m going to have to try the code referenced in GarminDeviceControlDemo.js when I’m not as beat.

Speaking of being beat, I ignored the wise rule to never increase distance, time, or intensity by > 10% per week, and took my 8 mile run at 9:30 average pace to 10 miles at 9:08 average pace. Now the 8 mile is a lot hillier, but the 10 mile loop had some hills in it too…I was beat the next day, and my ankle is a little sore. Add to that the excessive eating I’ve been doing and I feel like a total slug. Hopefully a long run on Wednesday, combined with the iron will to stay away from the office candy stash, will get me back to feeling more alert.

2 Responses to Garmin Developer Site — Arrgghh

  1. technomancy says:

    What are you using the GPS data for? I’ve had some fun cross-listing it with photos I take on hikes, as detailed here: The cool thing is that you can turn that into a KML file for viewing in Google Maps:

    Of course, this is all pretty low-level. What does the Garmin system use JS for?


  2. arunxjacob says:

    Hey Phil đŸ™‚ I’ve got a Garmin 305 that tracks my geoloc and heart rate, pace etc, over the course of my run/bike/skate ski, etc. The only problem is that it takes too much effort to really track courses and be able to see how hard I’m working over a specific set of hills, etc. So, in my copious spare time (which is exactly zero this month) I’m writing a site, stealing the Garmin Developer JS examples, and writing some geoloc correlation algorithms so I don’t have to think so hard about exercising — just doing it is hard enough. The great thing about all this data is that I finally know how high, how fast, how close to my max I’ve been going. The not so great thing is that it usually isn’t as high, or fast as I thought, and usually much more maxxed out than I thought. The joys of being 39 !!

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