GPS Research — Javascript, not so bad!

Part of my GPS research involves diving into the Garmin Communicator API, which is a Javascript based API built on prototype.  I’m beginning to realize that a lot of my frustrations with JS were based on my lack of exposure to dynamically typed languages as well as some more valid gripes, like no unit testing framework. Turns out I was wrong on both of these counts. My experience in Ruby has made me much more comfortable with dynamic type assignment/etc, and jsunit is a reasonably mature unit testing framework that the Garmin team is using to unit test their js. Its weird to me because I’ve specifically asked JS developers if there was a decent js unit testing framework out there, and their answer was ‘no’. Even guys who were not script kiddies, who actually wrote unit tests, scratched their heads on that one. I’m going to have to see if jsunit is all that, and if not, why not.

I was able to get the examples up and running on my localhost site in no time flat, and that’s good, because I’m not as interested in mucking around with the details of device detection as I am in playing around with the data. Actually, I am getting a strange error when uploading data, but I want to poke through the code a little more to make sure it’s not pilot error, which it always seems to be 🙂

One of my new years resolutions was to find something geeky out of work to think about, and this fits the bill for the time being. The other resolutions were to spend more time with friends in fine locations, get off my ass and start kiteboarding, and introduce Kiran and Leela to the joys of snowsports and swimming so that we can eventually ride and surf together…sorry, I’m in a pensive 2K8 mood. I’ll update when I’ve got the data upload working and I can start geeking with some correlation stuff around courses.

—  Arun

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