It’s Snowboarding season, and for the first time in 6 years, I actually care!

In my previous life as a funpig, I was pretty religious about tracking storms in the fall. In the early to mid fall, storms brought wind, which actually meant that there was pretty fun windsurfing in the seattle metropolitan area. Other people kept going past November, but once it started to snow I switched gears to my true love, snowboarding.

Every morning I would roll out of bed, call the Stevens Pass hotline, and plan the day. Yes, I had a job, but that job had the “10 inches of fresh” rule, which categorically stated no work could happen if a winter storm blew in enough snow. There were no temperature maximums, although we did tend to steer clear of rain and ride till we dropped during a cold snap.

That was the 90s. In 99 I left that company to work for F5 , in 2004 I left F5 to work for Vulcan, and now I’m working at While we are working on something super exciting and revolutionary, it doesn’t leave much room for weekday powder raids.

Also, I’m a father now, and for the past 6 years (Son 6, Daughter 4), and life has gotten much busier (and bigger) than 6AM weather reports and storm tracking. But last year I took Kiran up to see if he would even consider snowboarding. I didn’t think I had much of a chance, since he doesn’t like cold and he’s a naturally cautious kid. The only thing I cared about was that he had a good ‘first time’. So I skipped the whole lesson thing and we did laps on the magic carpet. Once we were at the top I would give him a gentle shove and run down in front of him. I just wanted to give him the feeling of standing sideways, sliding downhill.

Kiran is a cautious little guy, but he also has really good balance. He not only managed to stand up just fine, I even had him turning a little bit. I would run down and to the side of him and make him twist his torso to look at me. I don’t think that is an accepted teaching style, but that’s the way I think of turning, and it seemed to work for him. He had a good time — he enjoyed it much more than I thought he would. What they say about low expectations is true.

This year we got ready by hitting the Mercer Island Thrift Store, where we found a pair of Burton Ion boots — used twice, size 4. The kid has nicer boots than I do (and he’ll never appreciate that we started riding in sorels). He’s signed up for lessons, and I’m trying my hardest to keep my love of snowboarding to myself, so that he can fall in love with it (or not) on his own. Now if it would only snow…it’s already almost thanksgiving and it’s bone dry up there!

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