Kicking the data line to the curb

After 3 years as a Crackberry addict that demonstrated a Pavlovian response whenever the damn thing vibrated, I have decided to go data free with my new phone. Reasons:

  1. The new company no longer pays for the phone and data line. They give us a re-imbursement on monthly fees instead. Translation: I’m a cheap bastard.
  2. The thrill of feeling important enough to check my messages in the middle of dinner, conversation, etc has diminished in equal proportion to the amount of irritation demonstrated by my wife.
  3. I ruined a perfectly good vacation by getting stressed out after reading the damn thing.

I’m on the computer 8-10 hours a day anyways, and am usually on it first thing in the AM and last thing at night, so it’s not like I’m actually offline at all. And even when I am, and someone needs to get hold of me, they could do the old fashioned thing and actually call.

This could be the early stage of recovery, which is usually followed by a relapse if Lindsay Lohan is a good indicator, but I’m feeling good about this, I really am.

When I tell people I’m dropping the data line on my phone, they have two reactions: (1) “best thing you’ll ever do”, and (2) “are you f**king kidding me? How will you ever survive?”. Stay tuned, same Bat time, same Bat channel…

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